EMC2 Camera Limited has been established by Kieron Jansch of Manned Camera Limited, and Emily-Jane Robinson of Emmyland Ltd, with the objective of providing cross-hire services of a range of the highest quality camera systems and lenses to the Film & TV rental industry in and around London.

Both Emily-Jane and Kieron are highly experienced camera technicians working within the camera department. With over 14 years of collective experience, their respective companies, Emmyland and Manned Camera have become known as the best places in London to come to for specialist wet hire of Arri based Camera Systems.

EMC2 shooting kits are rigorously specified by Emily-Jane and Kieron, and come prepped and ready to shoot with every imaginable accessory. With our boutique shooting kits, EMC2 aim to become the go-to cross-hire partner for other equipment rental companies in London. Continuing Emmyland and Manned Camera’s legacy, we provide only the very best to our clients.


When crewing alongside our equipment, our objective has always been to make sure that our DOPs never have to worry about camera. We ensure our equipment functions perfectly, so the focus can be on creativity, unbound by technical limitations.

We aim to extend that philosophy to cross hire, so that when you need to supplement your inventory with additional equipment, you can be confident that the kits you get from us will be exactly as your clients expect and demand. Properly maintained, properly specified, and ready to perform as expected on set.

Please note that our cross hire services are only available to camera rental companies; we do not offer dry hire services directly to productions or end users.

If you need a complete camera department service your production, please contact Emmyland Ltd or Manned Camera Limited though which we offer specialist "wet hire" services with our highly experienced camera team crew.